Systementwurf Demonstrator V1.3

Redundant Sensor
Law Mode
Command Mode
Single Computer (pre)
Single Computer
Redundant Computer
Command Mode to Actuators
Redundant Actuators
Command Mode to Output
System Function
$$\mathrm Z_{rs}$$
$$\mathrm Z^*_{E,sfu}$$
$$\mathrm Z^*_{law}$$
$$\underline{z}_{mod,(sf)} \rightarrow z_{mod,(rf)}$$
$$\mathrm Z_{rf}$$
$$\underline{z}_{mod,(sa)} \rightarrow \underline{z}_{mod,(ra)}$$
$$\mathrm Z_{ra}$$
$$\mathrm Z_{E,sfu}$$
Schematic system architecture
All Permutations
Toggle fp
Toggle fo
These are the state transfer functions. They are used to map input states to output states. Click on the blue button to show the state transfer function.
These are state evaluation functions. They are used to evaluate which state. Click on the blue button to show the state transfer function.
These are the device states, here single sensors, computers and actuators are shown. Click on the buttons to change a devices module state.
These are the redundant device states, their state is evaluated by the corresponding state transfer functions
A special treatment is done for computers: the pre state shows the state before the platform management takes action. z_mod,(sf) shows the state after the plama took action.
These are evaluated using the state evaluation functions, i.e., which maximum function is available with these inputs.
Here is an estimate of states probability. Beware: the calculation does not fully follow the lecture.
Click here to automatically calculate permutations of possible states. States less probable than 1e-14 are ommitted!
Click here to toggle all lines in the permutated list, e.g., to only show failed states.
Change the mission time to something other than 1h ;) Has an effect on probabilities.
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